About the Book.

This one-of-a-kind book has three funtastic parts: an adorable story, fun facts about fruit, and kid friendly recipes. The whimsical, rhyming story touches kids on many levels, and subtly encourages an interest in healthy food and movement. Colorful dancing fruit characters bring on wiggles and giggles with their hip-hop, tap, ballet, and other amusing antics. The reader becomes totally absorbed and inspired to join in the fun.

Part two, with colorful photos and interesting facts about where fruit grows, makes learning fascinating.

Part three shows clever ways to serve fruit, and is a sweet, creative finale for this awesome book. Readers will go bananas over this story time read, that makes fun and learning a berry good “pear.”

The imaginative story begins with:

I’m Andy Apple with my new coloring book.

It has pictures of yummy fruit. Come look!

I have crayons and paint and brushes galore.

When I color I’m happy right down to my core.

I grabbed a red crayon. Then right before my eyes

the fruit jumped off the page shouting, “Surprise!

The book is available in paperback, hardcover, on the iPad as an interactive “read to you,” book
with music and sound, on the Kindle and Nook. Plus, all formats are in Spanish too!

The iPad version has all types of dance music, read to me and photo galleries features
making even more fun come to fruition.

There are kid friendly recipes too!