About the Author - Ruth Wilkes

Ruth Wilkes

Ruth Wilkes has a keen interest in all aspects of children’s health.
While editing her daughter’s award winning book, Nature’s Secret Messages: hidden in plain sight
she became fascinated by the star shapes on fruit.

What a great way to interest kids in healthy snacks and energizing movement!
When dancing fruit put on a show, the stars take center stage!

She added "Fun Facts About Fruit” at the end of the imaginative story
to show where fruit really comes from.

Ruth’s own healthy lifestyle includes yoga, meditation, Nia and Zumba (forms of dance)
aerobics, and green living, along with being on zero medications, and having a healthy diet.
She also works on her Mac computer, and is involved in film and book discussion groups.

Ruth grew up in the fruit-belt in southwest Michigan, and now lives in Hinsdale, Illinois.

P.S. The super talented James Cross created the adorable, funtastic illustrations.