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Dancing Fruit Put on a Show!

(5 out of 5 Stars) Fun and Educational (Amazon Verified Buyer)

Loved the illustrations and the story of Dancing Fruit - I laughed out loud!

The educational information about the beneficial qualities of all the fruit featured
in the first part of the book is wonderful - and I'll share the entire book with my grandchildren!

—Dianne M. Daniels


5.0 out of 5 stars Adorable Book, March 15, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Dancing Fruit Put On A Show! (Paperback)
This is a wonderful book for children and maybe adults, too, I know that I enjoyed it very much
and sent it off to my great-niece and great-nephew and they were delighted with it.
Every parent should give this to their young children.
The illustrations were delightful and really capture the essence of the book.

—Mary N. Michalica


"Grandson Jesse and I had a ball with dancing fruit on Saturday night when I babysat.

I was so happy to have it on my iPad for him to experience, all the other grandparents entertain him
with 'Angry Birds' but not me, I got to have fun and educate and empower him!
He will be three in January and this book is perfect for him. It was worth every penny!"

—Nancy Klifman, M.A.
Red Mountain Logworks,


(5 out of 5 Stars) A great time for grand kids! (Amazon Verified Buyer)

I am always looking for a bargain book for me, and since we are spending more time with our grandchildren.
Since school is out, we needed something to keep them busy.
This book is a great read for the little ones. Simple enough for younger readers to read all by their selves,
and enthralling enough to keep the three year old still for the whole story.

The gorgeous pictures of the real animals are great. Thanks for writing this book. It is really very good.

—Grady J. Powell


(5 out of 5 Stars) Dancing Fruit puts a smile in your heart. (Amazon Verified Buyer)

My grandkids are six and three and love learning interesting facts.
This was the perfect book to share during a Christmas visit.
They appreciated the beautiful images, rhyming story and adorable characters.

As an aspiring children's book author myself, I love the precision and excellence of the layout.
It's gorgeous and very fun to read aloud!

—Grady J. Powell


(5 out of 5 Stars) Fun & Healthy Children's Book.

Finally, a children's book that's fun and full of Vitamin C.

—David Andrew Lloyd


(5 out of 5 Stars) So enticing to little beginning learners!

As a retired teacher I think parents and teachers both will find this
a nice learning tool for their classrooms and homes

—Joan Schulthesis


(5 out of 5 Stars) Great book.

Got the book for my grandchildren and was really surprised at
all the different ways it interacts to touch. The characters are cute and give information
about the importance of eating good things. The kids loved it!

—Sue Bridgman


(5 out of 5 Stars) Fantastic book.

This book is a must have for kids; mixing fun, health, & learning.
One can't get much better than that!!



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The book is available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, Nook and
on the iPad as an interactive “read to you,” book with music and sound.
A Spanish version is available in paperback, Kindle and Nook.