iPad Format with Dance Music and Interactivity

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People are loving the iPad book:

"Grandson Jesse and I had a ball with dancing fruit on Saturday night when I babysat.
I was so happy to have it on my iPad for him to experience. All the other grandparents
entertain him with angry birds but not me, I got to have fun, educate and empower him!
He will be three in January and this book is perfect for him.
It was worth every penny!"

—Nancy Klifman, M.A., www.redmtnlog.com


Interactive “I’ll read to you” iPad book with dance music, sound effects, and video!

Kids will move and groove to all types of fun music.
The adorable fruit and educational bonus will cleverly interest them in fruit.
“I’ll read to you” encourages learning, and most important creativity expands their imagination.
The most brilliant people of all time have mentioned the importance of imagination.
Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  
This book mixes imagination with knowledge for a multi-sensory experience!

IPad Cover

Here's a 56 second video example of the music and audio on the iPad version:


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